bathroom Corded Pleated Blinds

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Top Down Bottom Up/Duofold
With the top down bottom up or duofold upgrade, the pleated shades may be both raised as traditional shades or lowered from the top down. This gives the shades a unique advantage, allowing light into the room and not completely blocking the view while still offering partial privacy.
Features of the TDBU Cord System
With top down bottom up, the shades will have 2 lift cords which are controled by the cord lock. One cord controls the position if the day blind, and with this system, the day blind is empty, therefore you can see the whole view outside. Another cord controls the position of the night blind to maintain the privacy. When the shades are lowered, there will be visible cords suspending on both sides of the shades from the top of the window.
• Easy to raise larger, heavier shades.
• Shades stop in the position you want.
• Cords can be attached with a handle to keep them out of the way.
• Easily stop adjacent shades at the same height.
• Handle - Transparent grip lets you raise and lower your blind or shade without touching the slats or fabric.
Our Advantages
• Buy direct from the manufacturer – Zhongyang
• Custom made and supported by Zhongyang
• Available in 20mm and 25mm pleat sizes in light filtering and blackout
• Greater range of textures, designs and prints
• hardware, instructions included
• limited lifetime warranty
• Free fabric swatches available
Ordering Tip
For inside mount, select the actual size of the window frame. We will make the proper deduction for the correct fit. For outside mount, order the exact size of the blind you want. We will make no deductions

min width 21"
max width 118"
min length 24"
max length 118"
inside mount deduction 3/8"
min depth for inside mount 1 1/2"
min depth for flush inside mount 2"
Color choices
Warranty Information
Limited lifetime warrantybathroom Corded Pleated Blinds



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